Four astute observers of music meet to begin their arduous task.

They are (alphabetically): Dr. John, Jimbob, Levitate & Watson. Their goal: To provide the most comprehensive top ten lists in music history. The meeting's location remains secret to this day. There was an adult beverage or two. Food was consumed. But the most important aspect of this meeting was to begin the listing of music's great accomplishments.

Why the hell? Hasn't this been done before? Well sure it has, many times; ad nauseaum in fact. There are most top 10s, top 50s, top 100s and top 500s in magazines and on the internet than there are 8 tracks of Boston's first album.

But these four masterminds of music have never addressed the issue before. You deserve to be introduced.

Dr. John grew up listening to music, playing music, studying music, attending concerts, driving erratically and drinking beers (though certainly not at the same time).

Jimbob listened to music, enjoyed live music many times, cranked up music in a 4 wheel drive truck he once owned, and drank a few beers as well.

Levitate listened to music, stopped for a time, but got really into listening again, and attended concerts until a fan at a Judas Priest concert blew chunks on him. Levitate also drank beers but is currently on permanent hiatus.

Watson has tinnitus (does that answers that?) He also drank beers until graduating summa cum-loude to martinis.

And there it is - very clearly these are men of valor - in the rock and roll sense. And while some might think having a broad involved would give the exercise a more broad perspective, the four considered it and decided not to do that. (To be totally honest, the question was never even considered.)

(To be brutally honest, the question was never even asked).

The first list is, quite simply, The Top Ten Best Rock and Roll Songs ever. The lists are quite divergent, and in only two cases are there repeat songs. This tells you two things: First, that some of these bozos may have been temporarily off their nut, and that second, there is a genuinely wide appreciation for all kinds of music here.

Whether you agree or not with The Four, you'll find the lists interesting and entertaining to read. More importantly, if you have your own suggestions, as wrong as they might be, please post them in the comments section so we can all have a good hearty chortle at your backwoods naivety and popular music ignorance.

No seriously, we care what you think!

In the future we will be posting more lists in greater detail. Some of our lists being considered are: The Top Ten Lead Vocalists, The Top Ten Guitar Solos, The Top Ten Fags in Rock & The Top Ten Songs Most Folks Have Never Heard Of. The Four would be willing to consider your suggestions for more top ten lists as well.

Obviously, this project will take some time. We intend to meet quarterly and provide more listings after those meetings. Later this week selections of The Four will be posted here for your review and critique. Until then, remember these words: "A Rolling Stone is worth two in the bush."